Non Profit Document Scanning

Non profit operations require lots of paper work for record keeping. We have developed a simple, easy to use and cost efficient scanning station for all non profit document scanning needs.

Document scanning increases efficiency and reduces paper storage costs:

  • Securely access client files, donor files, grant proposals, board meeting minutes, fundraising records, and other important documents.

  • Scan, access, and track financial documents, HR files, purchase orders, expense reports.

  • Ensure accurate records and compliance for annual audits, reducing audit-related costs
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How does this work?

We provide your staff with an easy to use scanning station which consists of a high end document scanner, a touchscreen and a custom high-end pc built for scanning.

You can then scan an unlimited amount of documents.

Scanning is easy, fast and reliable.

For more information:

Use our scanning station to scan:

HR documents
Donation and volunteer forms
Event registrations
Grant applications and documentations
Marketing flyers and photos
Fundraising records
Background Checks & Drug Tests
Enrollment forms
Vacation Requests
Retirement & Pension Files

Benefits of Non Profit Document Scanning

  1. 1. Instant Document Retrieval:

    • Traditional paper filing systems can be tedious and difficult to work with. Finding a document can take from 30 minutes to countless hours if misplaced, or not found at all.
    • Document scanning makes it easier for your staff to work with personnel files.
  2. 2. Audits and Other Compliance:

    • Document scanning makes it easier for your company to fulfill its legal and regulatory obligations. Digital files can be organized, indexed and produced quickly to meet the demands of even the strictest auditor.
  3. 3. Saves Your Company Time and Money:

    • Scanning human resource files will save you and your staff from spending countless hours manually searching through and organizing paper documents and free up time for more important tasks.
    • According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, finding a lost document will cost a company $122 on average. It is also estimated that 7.5% of all company documents are lost completely. The study also indicates that an average office employee will spend some 400 hours every year searching for documents.

    • The major costs in paper filing systems are:
      • 15% is spent on equipment
      • 10% is spent on space
      • 75% is spent on salaries

    • See The Cost of Documents
  1. 4. Allows Team to Easily Share:

    • Document scanning makes it easy to share documents and collaborate on personnel files without having to reproduce information on paper. Staff in multiple locations can access and view electronic documents simultaneously.
  2. 5. User Security and Permissions:

    • Employee packages are segmented by sections with view permissions by user account.
    • For example:
      • Mary can view application, resumes & references, employee contracts, retirement and pension files.
        But can not view I-9 & W-4 Forms, Medical/Insurance Records.
      • John can view I-9 & W-4 forms, medical/insurance records only.
      • Diana can view all sections including master file which combines all sections.
  3. 6. Secure Document Storage:

    • Your paper HR files may be susceptible to deterioration or damage from unfavorable climate conditions or unexpected disasters.
    • Digital personnel files are securely encrypted and backed-up to prevent your information from being permanently lost or accessed by an unauthorized third parties.
    • Scanning Assistant offers enhanced disaster recovery options to minimize impact.
  4. 7. Reduces Storage Space:

    • Office space costs money.
    • Less paper clutter.
    • Save money on office supplies for folders, separators, stickers, etc


  • Unlimited HR & personnel document scanning.
  • Create entire employee packages with sections and permissions to view.
  • Allows importing of external electronic documents (pdf, images) to combine with scanned paper files.
  • Optional color scanning.
  • Easy to use touch screen, one click to scan HR files.
  • After scanning employee file can be easily verified via our secure portal document viewer.
  • Reporting and alerts for date sensitive documents like certifications or required trainings.

How to Scan Employee Files?

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View Scanned files by Sections

For example:

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View Scanned files as Employee Package

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View Scanned Files via Secured Online Portal

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View Scanned Sections and Missing Required Files

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