OCR Scanning

What is OCR?

Optical Character Recognition, or OCR, is a technology that allows for the conversion of documents, or different types of files, like PDF or images captured by a document scanner into text that can be used for search.

What is OCR scanning?

OCR Scanning allows for the conversion of physical paper documents into a document PDF. After scanning is complete, the PDF's document content is "read" using text recognition software (OCR).

After the OCR process is complete, the data collected from the document can be stored into a database where it can be later searched for document retrieval.

What are the advantages of OCR scanning?

  • Increased Productivity:
    Because OCR scanning allows for faster, safer, and accurate gathering of document scanned data, document searchability is more efficient and allows for immediate response on document requests.
  • Improves Document Accuracy:
    Traditional document scanning systems rely on the accuracy of the scanning person to properly identify each document scanned.

    With OCR scanning you can rest assured that your document data will be found even if user error is involved.

    • For example:
      Let's say that an user is scanning paper invoices. The invoice # is 12345, after scanning, the user incorrectly enters invoice #33345. At this point, in traditional non-OCR scanning systems, this document is almost impossible to find.
    But with OCR scanning, this document can be easily found, because the data that was gathered from the OCR scan is stored in a database for searchability.
  • Security:
    Securing the company's business documents is of outmost importance. Threats of natural disasters, like fires, floods, earthquakes and others, are a real concern for tradional paper filing companies.

    Theft of documents is a bigger challenge because of the complexity of securing documents as they move from person to person. Without the proper security protocols, your documents are subject to mishandling or theft.

    With OCR scanning your digital files are stored encrypted and backed up multiple times in different geographical regions.

    Digital files can also be assigned access controls (permsissions) per user depending on your document storage program.
  • Improves Customer Service:
    One of the huge advantages of OCR data processing is that it gives your employees the ability to find scanned docuements faster. This benefit drastically increases customer service response as most scanned document information can be provided to clients instantly.

What documents are recommended for OCR scanning?

Any document can be OCR scanned. The most common documents that benefit from OCR scanning are:

  • Invoices
  • Cash Receipts
  • Tax Form or Documents
  • Legal Documents
  • Employee Records
  • Medical Files
  • Financial documents or statements
  • Meeting minutes
  • Contracts

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