US Embassy Scanning

The US Government is going digital with myLGP and all government contractors have to do the same.

Scanning Assistant has developed a secure and encrypted "paper to cloud" digitization process that’s quick and easy for ANY Local Guard Force Contractor to use.

We offer the system and structure you need to go digital and track important imformation:

  • Certification and qualification dates.
  • No more Lost Records.
  • No more lost time searching.
  • No more DEDUCTIONS because of lost training records.
  • Access records in seconds, transfer records in seconds, confirm compliance, track and plan individual due dates and expiration dates for future certifications.

Our system scans documents, front and back, at 60 pages per minute storing the information securely, therefore, streamlining the uploading process to the myLGP software that is now being required in all Local Guard Programs.

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How Does This Work?

Our system structures, stores and generates personnel information in digital form, for each candidate being nominated for work.

It tracks deadlines through an automated process that advises you of the content and status of the Approval and Acceptance process.

Our system tracks all elements of the Nomination Package:

  • Suitability Investigation
  • Health Certifications
  • Language Proficiencies
  • Personnel Requirements
  • all Training certifications
and ANY OTHER certifications that are unique to the contract or the location of service.

Our simple to use web viewer make all that information immediately available to help YOU STAY IN STEP with contract deliverables.

No more lost time spent on trying to find lost documents. No more fines because you could not prove certification. And say goodbye to time spent on writing up pushback on deduction letters.

Scanning Assistant sets you up for contract compliance and overall quality assurance.

The end result is:

  • Quality administrative processes
  • Reduced deductions
  • Enhanced customer relations
  • and ultimately an excellent CPARS rating that will hopefully lead to contract retention.


  • Unlimited HR & personnel document scanning.
  • Create entire employee packages with sections and permissions to view.
  • Allows importing of external electronic docuements (pdf, images) to combine with scanned paper files.
  • Optional color scanning.
  • Easy to use touch screen, one click to scan HR files.
  • After scanning employee file can be easily verified via our secure portal document viewer.
  • Reporting and alerts for date sensitive documents like certifications or required trainings.

How to Scan Personnel Files?

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View Scanned documents by Sections

For example:

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View Scanned documents as Personnel Package

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View Scanned Documents via Secured Online Portal

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View Scanned Sections and Missing Required Files

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